Joey Curtin is a keyboard artist and composer who began her musical career in the San Francisco Bay area. Her piano and synthesizer creations are a fusion of classical, jazz and ambient styles with Celtic and Americana influences. 

Performances include: 

The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park 

The Olympic Village Inn at Squaw Valley, CA 

Ahwahnee Hotel, Yosemite National Park 

The Sheraton Palace, San Francisco 

Legionaires Seminary in Rome, Italy 

Sheraton Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

School of Creative Arts, Singapore 

Internationally, Joey has traveled to Europe, Asia and Africa to perform and speak. 

In Northern Ireland, she performed instrumental music for Peace and Reconciliation meetings. This was inspiration for her "River of Life" cd. Two songs from this album were used in a documentary called “The Gifts of Grief” which aired on San Francisco Public Television. 

From 2003-2004 Joey was hired by the Methodist Hospital at the Texas Medical Center in Houston to give a four-hour performance every Saturday and Sunday. Her music was described by many as "healing”. Joey received ASCAP awards for these performances. 

In 2005, Joey returned to Northern California where she created a curriculum for a kindergarten class that was based on brain stimulation through music, movement, and rhyme. During the next five years, she recorded and released a solo piano Christmas album, God With Us, and a folk/Americana album, "Soundtrack For America" (with co-producer Marc Cooper). 

"Going to California" was released in 2011 becoming Joey’s best-selling album. This collection of rock ballads landed in the Top 10 Chart of the Zone Music Report and has received millions of plays on Pandora Radio and TV music channels. 

In 2015, Joey’s "Tigris and Euphrates" album was given the second place award in “Best Piano with Instrumentation” category in the One World Music Radio awards from the UK. 

Joey currently resides in Bellingham, WA where she continues to compose for music production libraries as well as give concert performances.